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Genesis and the Trinity - An Example Project

Genesis and the Trinity:

The Following is a brief description of the Graphic Novel Project Genesis and the Trinity in order to give potential Clients and workshop Members some idea of the working contents of one of the Omniworks Projects.

Genesis and the Trinity is about a group of four individuals who discover or develop powers beyond the range of normal human capabilities. These individuals are not Superheroes in the sense of characters such as Superman but are a sort of intermediate stage between extraordinary human (and alien) capabilities and the more normative capabilities of modern man. (This is not meant in any way to disparage the capabilities of modern man or classify them as commonplace or non-extraordinary, but merely is used as a descriptive term.)

If, in typical comics extraordinary individuals are described as super-human, metahuman, mutant or superheroic then these four individuals might be described as Para-Human, in the sense of being parallel in their development to normal men but advanced in specific ways not generally thought of as common to ordinary men.

The Graphic Novel Genesis and the Trinity introduces these four individual Para-human characters, describes something of their various backgrounds and how three of them eventually form a Team in order to better exploit their various capabilities.

The Various Individuals are:

Real or Given Name: "Wade" Joseph Satcher
Occupation: Former Astrophysicist and Lecturer with a private and personal interest in pathology, cancer, and prion disorders
Identity or Code Name(s): Genesis, aka The Cancer Man or the Immortal Man
Aliases: None Known
Brief Description: Satcher experimented upon himself seeking to develop a form of controlled cancer, which not only would be benign but also would transform every cell in his body into a tamed cancer that would extend his life and reform his immune system, the effect of which would be to completely halt the aging process. Eventually he succeeded, but with unforeseen consequences. Only exposure and falling susceptible to other serious pathogens (such as Ebola) can disrupt his control of his cancer tissues, and only massive infection, biological warfare agents, or massive tissue damage seems possibly able to kill him.

Real or Given Name: "John" Roland Ishkar
Occupation: Former Construction Worker and Musician
Identity or Code Name(s): Risk, aka The Quantum Man
Aliases: Tom Roland, William "Ten-Spot" Harris, The Bull
Brief Description: Ishkar can perceive any number of nearly limitless possibilities of choice for any action he concentrates upon, actions taken either by himself or another, or sometimes even multiple actions arising from differing individuals. He however cannot predict the eventual outcome of any particular probability until he chooses that probability, and once he does then the events proceed in a "fixed" or unalterable manner. Once a choice is made he cannot then perceive any other outcome nor change or modify or alter that outcome. However if he makes no choice then he can continue to perceive and conceive nearly limitless possibilities in any situation. He has no idea how he came to his abilities or where they come from.

Real or Given Name: "Adam" Michael Cadela
Occupation: Corporate and Private Agent
Identity or Code Name(s): Ghost-Machine, aka The Composite Man, the Grown Man, the Company Man
Aliases: Undisclosed
Brief Description: Cadela was a man grown entirely form multiple stands of DNA segments obtained from famous individuals, such as James Clerk Maxwell, Tesla, Jim Thorpe, etc. His genotype is also mixed with bits of unknown DNA as well as some segments of DNA obtained from animal sources. However Cadela is not entirely organic. Certain organs and tissues, such as his heart, are artificial and made of experimental composite tissues that were technologically grown and are now maintained by nanites. The corporation that grew Cadela operates beneath Underground Atlanta but the location and existence of this corporation is generally unknown.

Real or Given Name: David "Hunter" Morris
Occupation: Former Philadelphia Homicide Detective, now deceased.
Identity or Code Name(s): Spook, aka, the Artificial Man, the IA, the Outside Man
Aliases: Unknown
Brief Description: An extremely advanced alien Artificial Intelligence (known in intelligence circles as an IA, an Intelligent Artifact) was damaged during transport and in order to maintain it's integrity and coherence came to inhabit the body of a former Philadelphia Homicide Detective who was killed in a traffic accident while chasing armed robbers. This alien, named Naz'ah-ghri, has discovered that by inhabiting the body of the dead Detective she has gained biological sensory capabilities but also the limitations involved with a human mind and brain. Spook also has an invisible ally, an angel named Azrael (the Angel of Death), who she had previously assisted by helping to return death to an alien cabal who had accidentally achieved physical immortality. Azrael suspects, but does not know for sure, that Naz'ah-ghri may be a form of God Technology created by God Himself.

Over time these four individuals encounter each other and three of them (Risk, Ghost-Machine and Spook) form a Team which they code-name Trinity. Genesis continues to operate as an independent agent although sometimes he assists the Trinity and at other times he opposes them.

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