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A Neo-Renaissance Workshop and Patronage Network

For the Attention of: Artists, Architects, Inventors, Designers, Game Developers, Musicians and Composers, Filmmakers, Photographers and also possibly for Writers, Editors, etc.

A Business Proposal: This idea is for the types of people listed above, and also possibly for other types of people as the project develops. The actual project itself is for the development of a Renaissance type workshop consisting of the member parties. When I say workshop I do not mean a modern learning workshop or one time classroom venue, but rather a Workshop along the lines of a Renaissance Workshop, a business venture run as a “for profit Enterprise” devoted to various kinds of artistic, scientific and spiritual output. The Workshop would operate along the lines of the various Renaissance Workshops, which were run by the great Renaissance Masters such as Leonardo, Raphael, El Greco, etc.

The Workshop, which I have entitled the Omniworks Generare would be devoted to two purposes, to securing and completing artistic projects for the various members and their clients, and to the establishment of a modern system of patronage for the securing and completion of artistic projects; secular, civic and sacred.

How this Came About: I have been considering this idea for some period of time. I have been working on trying to develop a modern system of patronage for artwork projects for years, and have also been working on related projects such as the establishment of modern laboratories and observatories in various churches, as well as the creation of modern Artistic Workshops based upon the basic Renaissance Model. Recently, due to the encouragement of both family and friends I have decided to begin publishing my fictional writings, instead of just my non-fictional writings and works, yet other people, from time to time, also approach me asking them to undertake and complete various photographic, film-work, artistic, scientific, religious, architectural, illustrative and design projects for them. Sometimes I do not have the time, with the amount of work I have to currently complete, to undertake and finish these other projects due to a desire to concentrate first and foremost upon my writing projects. Yet I would often very much like to be involved in these other projects, either directly or indirectly.

And so I have simply combined my projects to develop a modern patronage network and system, with the idea of being involved in multiple projects simultaneously, formulating these pursuits upon the Renaissance Workshop model and plan to run this venture as a for profit enterprise.

Background: My personal background as it relates to this venture is as follows. I have been a writer (mostly non-fiction) and artist for over 25 years. I have been composing music in score form for about 7 years. I have previously run my own business as a contacts and financing broker and consultant, which I did for roughly ten years. I still consult for various clients and I maintain my old contact networks and well as continually develop new contacts and build new networks.

How it would Work: The Omniworks Generare would function as a modern day Model of a Renaissance Workshop, described below in the section entitled, Model.

My part- My function in the Workshop would be to Coordinate all projects, liaison between client and the Producer(s) of work, I would be Chief of Project Design, I would maintain, grow and develop the various contacts’ brokerage and patronage networks, as well as handle most of the business affairs, including contracts and negotiations with clients, etc, except for those dealings requiring an attorney or direct association between client and producer.

Your part- Your part in the Workshop as a Producer of Work would be to compete for and participate in specific projects, produce your own best work on time and as specified according to the wishes of the client and the project design parameters, assist with contacts and with securing and developing new clients and new sources of patronage, and in general handle any other affair which your duties required.

Model: During the Renaissance period certain masters developed Workshops from which they produced their various works and ran their various ventures. Often these Workshops were multi-purpose, multi-functional enterprises that produced artwork, engineering models, scientific discoveries, inventions, commissioned assignments, architectural designs, sacred and civic projects, and consumer goods. Occasionally they produced music, clothing designs, plays, and various entertainments as well. Practically anything that could be produced by the Master and his Apprentices. The Omniworks Generare will be a modern day recreation of these “Workshops” and will engage itself in any project for which we can produce a good output or completed work. The types of projects in which we will engage will be any project in which our imagination and inventiveness can produce a product or service of the required quality and functionality. In this way the Workshop will be a direct descendent of the best workshops created during the Renaissance period.

However the Omniworks Generare will function differently from the Renaissance Model in regards to the relationship between the Master and Apprentices. Indeed there will be no Master, but instead I will function as Chief of Project Design in most cases. As such that will be my title instead of Master. Others in the Workshop will be known not as Apprentices but rather as Producers of Work, or simply Producers. The Producer will be considered differently from the Apprentice in that the Producer can competitively bid for any work he or she feels capable of producing instead of just being assigned work by the Chief of Project Design. In addition, depending upon the parameters of the given project the Producer may make higher fees for work completed to the client’s satisfaction, may even take a percentage of profit form complicated or involved projects, and is free under certain circumstances to negotiate directly with the client. In addition in certain cases the Producer(s) may work directly with the Chief of Project Design to make his or her own contributions to project design and/or project development.

Depending upon the nature of the individual project a Producer may become a Special Projects’ Designer, a Coordinator of Divisional Projects, or a Business Coordinator.

At some point in the future the Omniworks Generare may incorporate, possibly as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC)

Profits and Pay: In most circumstances the profits would be generated by agreed upon fees for the completion of a given project. If you as the Producer simply complete a given project based upon a design developed by me, or by me in conjunction with the client, then you would receive 35% of the entire fee of that particular project as your pay as Producer of the work, once work has been completed and monies paid for the final project. If however you contributed to the actual design as well as producing the work then you could receive up to 50% of the entire fee for the completion of that particular project.

In certain other circumstances, and depending upon the project, the Producer might also take a percentage of profits generated in lieu of a fee, or might even be able to negotiate a percentage of profits as well as securing a fee for completion of the project.

With certain large projects it may be possible that more than one producer be involved, or that even a group effort is involved, in which case fees and profits would be split due to the effort produced by each individual, and as fairly negotiated by the party.

It may also be possible, as the overall venture develops, for individual Producers to offer their own personal productions (that is work produced by individual effort and not for Workshop assignment, contract, or patronage) for sale through the Workshop Network.

The exact nature and structure of compensation and pay would depend upon the nature and structure of the particular project being undertaken.

Marketing: I have in mind several vehicles for the promotion and marketing of the Workshop. These include the development of a specific Contacts Network (as well as tapping other related Networks) for this venture, the creation of this blog and/or websites designed specifically to promote the Omniworks, and eventually I also hope to develop a List of Ongoing and Temporary Assignments, similar to a Business Brokerage List which could be periodically forwarded to all Producers or could be posted to the Web so that Producers could pick and choose between the Assignments and Projects they desire to work upon. Of course we would also rely upon an established client Base, word of mouth advertisement, other forms of advertisement, our personal and collective professional reputations, and all Producers would be free to market the Workshop in their day-to-day personal activities.

Types of Projects Likely to be Undertaken: The types of projects likely to be undertaken by the Workshop include, but are not limited to; Graphic Art of various kinds, Illustrations (children’s books, non-fiction, fictional works, maps, etc.), Graphic Novels, Comic Art, Logo Design, Iconography, Sacred Art, Civic Art, Sketchwork, Software Development, Inventions, Schematics, Music, Filmwork and Videowork, Photography, Hard Games (physical and board games), Role Playing Games, Wargames, Transferable Skill Simulations, Computer Aided Design, Video and Computer Game Design and Development, Virtual Reality, Internet and Web Projects, General Design as well as possibly including Architecture and Engineering Projects, and some Writing and/or Editing.

Additional Information: If you would like more information or would like to become part of the Workshop then you may contact me by email. However I am only interested in serious inquiries by people who would be genuinely interested in producing work, on-time, and according to project specifications, who are willing to compete for work and put forth their best efforts, and who would like to earn a profit for their work and grow and develop this enterprise and business venture. It will take time and effort to grow this Workshop but I envision it as an eventual international and extensive effort with a deep and broad list of contacts and project types. As soon as possible I will develop a Blog and/or Website that you may visit for more information.

© JWG, Jr. 2006

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Introductory and Explanatory Section

Introductory and Explanatory Section – This section is dedicated to messages from those who would like to become members of the Workshop and to messages from those who would like to employ the Workshop for various projects. Please leave your initial comments and questions here and I will answer them as soon as I receive them and can respond.

Contacts Section

Contacts Section – This section is for the providing of contact information by which the Workshop can reach either propsective clients or other members. My email address can be found in the Personal Information (About Me) section.

Comments Section

Comments Section – Leave comments for ongoing projects or complicated project discussions in this section.

Projects Listing Section

Projects Listing Section – A section that will give basic information on all ongoing and potential future projects undertaken by the Workshop.

List of Current Working Projects:

Design Logo for Website (almost completed)
2 Graphic Novels - Genesis and the Trinity, and the Vadder
1 Comic Book Maxiseries - one Superman project, one Batman project: either project could evolve into Graphic Novel
1 Comic Book Miniseries - the Spook
1 Video Game - Vadder (on same basic premise as the Vadder graphic novel but with different storyline)
3 Children's Book Projects - Three Lands, the Color Changing Children and The Saint Dane
1 Role Playing Game Project - Development of Christian version of Dungeons and Dragon RPG (CD&D)

The New Media Project *

* See separate entry to be posted.

In the future I will also be listing potential Software Design and Development projects.

All projects © JWG, Jr. 2006

If anyone is interested in working on any of these projects then you may leave your contact information on this website under the comments mode of the Contacts Section or by contacting me directly by email. Additional information can be provided once Non-Disclosure and Security Agreements can be exchanged.

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Genesis and the Trinity - An Example Project

Genesis and the Trinity:

The Following is a brief description of the Graphic Novel Project Genesis and the Trinity in order to give potential Clients and workshop Members some idea of the working contents of one of the Omniworks Projects.

Genesis and the Trinity is about a group of four individuals who discover or develop powers beyond the range of normal human capabilities. These individuals are not Superheroes in the sense of characters such as Superman but are a sort of intermediate stage between extraordinary human (and alien) capabilities and the more normative capabilities of modern man. (This is not meant in any way to disparage the capabilities of modern man or classify them as commonplace or non-extraordinary, but merely is used as a descriptive term.)

If, in typical comics extraordinary individuals are described as super-human, metahuman, mutant or superheroic then these four individuals might be described as Para-Human, in the sense of being parallel in their development to normal men but advanced in specific ways not generally thought of as common to ordinary men.

The Graphic Novel Genesis and the Trinity introduces these four individual Para-human characters, describes something of their various backgrounds and how three of them eventually form a Team in order to better exploit their various capabilities.

The Various Individuals are:

Real or Given Name: "Wade" Joseph Satcher
Occupation: Former Astrophysicist and Lecturer with a private and personal interest in pathology, cancer, and prion disorders
Identity or Code Name(s): Genesis, aka The Cancer Man or the Immortal Man
Aliases: None Known
Brief Description: Satcher experimented upon himself seeking to develop a form of controlled cancer, which not only would be benign but also would transform every cell in his body into a tamed cancer that would extend his life and reform his immune system, the effect of which would be to completely halt the aging process. Eventually he succeeded, but with unforeseen consequences. Only exposure and falling susceptible to other serious pathogens (such as Ebola) can disrupt his control of his cancer tissues, and only massive infection, biological warfare agents, or massive tissue damage seems possibly able to kill him.

Real or Given Name: "John" Roland Ishkar
Occupation: Former Construction Worker and Musician
Identity or Code Name(s): Risk, aka The Quantum Man
Aliases: Tom Roland, William "Ten-Spot" Harris, The Bull
Brief Description: Ishkar can perceive any number of nearly limitless possibilities of choice for any action he concentrates upon, actions taken either by himself or another, or sometimes even multiple actions arising from differing individuals. He however cannot predict the eventual outcome of any particular probability until he chooses that probability, and once he does then the events proceed in a "fixed" or unalterable manner. Once a choice is made he cannot then perceive any other outcome nor change or modify or alter that outcome. However if he makes no choice then he can continue to perceive and conceive nearly limitless possibilities in any situation. He has no idea how he came to his abilities or where they come from.

Real or Given Name: "Adam" Michael Cadela
Occupation: Corporate and Private Agent
Identity or Code Name(s): Ghost-Machine, aka The Composite Man, the Grown Man, the Company Man
Aliases: Undisclosed
Brief Description: Cadela was a man grown entirely form multiple stands of DNA segments obtained from famous individuals, such as James Clerk Maxwell, Tesla, Jim Thorpe, etc. His genotype is also mixed with bits of unknown DNA as well as some segments of DNA obtained from animal sources. However Cadela is not entirely organic. Certain organs and tissues, such as his heart, are artificial and made of experimental composite tissues that were technologically grown and are now maintained by nanites. The corporation that grew Cadela operates beneath Underground Atlanta but the location and existence of this corporation is generally unknown.

Real or Given Name: David "Hunter" Morris
Occupation: Former Philadelphia Homicide Detective, now deceased.
Identity or Code Name(s): Spook, aka, the Artificial Man, the IA, the Outside Man
Aliases: Unknown
Brief Description: An extremely advanced alien Artificial Intelligence (known in intelligence circles as an IA, an Intelligent Artifact) was damaged during transport and in order to maintain it's integrity and coherence came to inhabit the body of a former Philadelphia Homicide Detective who was killed in a traffic accident while chasing armed robbers. This alien, named Naz'ah-ghri, has discovered that by inhabiting the body of the dead Detective she has gained biological sensory capabilities but also the limitations involved with a human mind and brain. Spook also has an invisible ally, an angel named Azrael (the Angel of Death), who she had previously assisted by helping to return death to an alien cabal who had accidentally achieved physical immortality. Azrael suspects, but does not know for sure, that Naz'ah-ghri may be a form of God Technology created by God Himself.

Over time these four individuals encounter each other and three of them (Risk, Ghost-Machine and Spook) form a Team which they code-name Trinity. Genesis continues to operate as an independent agent although sometimes he assists the Trinity and at other times he opposes them.

© JWG Jr. 2006